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Ghost vs Apparition

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Today I learned something new: the difference between a Ghost and an Apparition.

The two words are not entirely equivalent.

A ghost is the spirit of a dead person or animal that remains on Earth. An apparition is the visible image of the ghost.

Have you ever seen an apparition? I know I have seen things out of the corner of my eye — something I was sure was there, but when I looked straight at it, it was gone, and my commonsense mind tells me I was just imaging it.

Several years ago, I was invited to be a storyteller on my town’s ghost tour. I was given a script of each story, and the locations along the tour route. Some of the stories didn’t entirely make sense, so I researched the original stories at the local historical association. I was able to clarify some of the unclear writing and even found a few more stories to add.

The strangest thing about the tour wasn’t the stories themselves — it was the stories that tour guests told me.

Part of me doesn’t believe in ghosts or apparitions. I think when you’re gone, you’re gone. On the other hand, much the universe is made up of matter that can’t be identified, so who am I to be absolutely sure of anything.

I can be sure that these folks were quite sane, and very much believed they’d had these experiences.

If anyone who reads this post has had a paranormal encounter, I’d love to read your story.



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